CONCILIUS sponsorship:
By undertaking this sponsorship, we aim to make a contribution to maintaining the diversity of species

CONCILIUS supports AmCham building the Publication: "Germany 2020 - secure the future."



CONCILIUS works as a structural partner.
It helps its clients represent their strategic interests particularly
toward the public sector but also the economy and the media.

This strategic representation of interests constitutes a significant contribution to a company’s business development and opens up new business opportunities.

Business Value Chain

Our core competence is the bringing together of carefully chosen
decision-makers in business, politics, administration, science, the media,
and in civil society.
We develop efficient strategies on the basis of a systematic analysis of
objectives and resources of our clients and their stakeholders.
We implement these strategies in a cooperative and forceful way:
Our experienced staff and experts with broad political and economic
background combine their knowledge to a unique capacity.

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