Welcome to Berlin is the only diplomats club in Germany based at the Federal Foreign Office.
Its patron is the State Secretary. The foreign contingent, which accounts for two thirds of the club's almost 500 members, is made up of the partners of diplomats of all ranks accredited in Germany from over 100 countries.  To make their stay in Germany as easy and as pleasant as possible, the German members - Berlin ladies and Foreign Service wives - have organized a wide- ranging programme of cultural and informative events. Their work is carried out on a voluntary basis. Welcome to Berlin is a forum where Germans and diplomats from all over the world can come together in a spirit of tolerance and friendship between nations.


Welcome to Berlin makes an effort to advance the contact to the partners of the in Germany accredited  embassy employees and to acquaint them with Germans. It also aims at presenting Germanys cultural diversity, but also Germany as a dynamical business location and center of science and research.


It was an honor for
CONCILUS to support Welcome to Berlin by sponsoring the anniversary celebration at the Federal Foreign Office.

WIB welcomed by Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

First regular meeting of the new Club-year at the Federal Foreign Office