The representation of interests in politics forms part of democratic processes.

When pursuing their profession, the employees of CONCILIUS AG respect and advocate the
principles of international law and the regulations of national legislation, in particular the principles
of the freedom of expression, the right to information, the independence of the media and the
protection of personal rights.

Integrity, the compliance with the rules of democracy as well as the respect for the democratic basic
order are indispensable for any representation of interests in politics.

In keeping with this self-image, the employees of CONCILIUS AG stand for the professionalization of the
strategic representation of interests in the public sector.

The employees of CONCILIUS AG are obliged to comply with the following principles
when pursuing their profession:


CONCILIUS AG only takes on mandates for the processing of which the necessary skills, expertise and manpower can be provided.

CONCILIUS AG searches for solutions for its clients that meet the requirements of this Code of Conduct, the situation and the development of the industry as well as the needs of its clients to the fullest.

The employees of CONCILIUS AG make every effort to constantly improve their knowledge and skills and share the advantages of these improvements unlimitedly with their clients.


CONCILIUS AG only recommends its services if it expects its work to be beneficial for the client. The company provides realistic estimations concerning its performance, deadlines and costs and tries hard to keep its promises.

CONCILIUS AG is aware of the fact that – in addition to factual solutions – human relationships play an important role. It is therefore keen to establish and maintain harmonious work relations with its client companies and their employees.


The employees of CONCILIUS AG treat strictly confidential all knowledge about their clients‘ processes and information that they have access to due to their work. In particular, documents related to work are not passed on to a third party.


With the exception of the draft and submission of quotations, CONCILIUS AG neither provides any services free of charge nor offers manpower or other services on a trial basis.

CONCILIUS AG respects intellectual property with regard to proposals, concepts and publications and only uses such material in connection with the respective reference/copyright.

When substantially/factually justified, CONCILIUS AG only recommends service providers that offer immaculate quality and whose proficiency level is known to CONCILIUS.


Obligation to truthfulness towards clients, political institutions, the media and the public: The employees of CONCILIUS AG exclusively make use of information that is true to the best of their knowledge. They pay attention to transparency and avoid deception through the use of false statements.


Obligation to discretion: Confidential information provided by current or past clients will only be past on with their explicit consent.

Furthermore, the employees of CONCILIUS AG make sure to avoid potential professional conflicts of interests in connection with the simultaneous representation of directly contrary interests. The clients will be informed immediately in case of potential conflicts of interests.


The employees of CONCILIUS AG do not exert dishonest or unlawful influence for the communication and realisation of interests, in particular with the help of direct or indirect financial incentives.


The employees of CONCILIUS AG commit themselves to not allow for and to not participate in any racist, sexist, religious or other discrimination while pursuing their profession.


The employees of CONCILIUS AG treat their clients and colleagues with respect and commit themselves to value their professional and personal reputation.


The employees of CONCILIUS AG take care of a strict separation of their job as consultants and representatives of their clients’ interests on the one hand and their political offices, mandates and functions on the other.