The American Council on Germany (ACG) is an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit organization which promotes dialogue among leaders from business, government, and the media in the United States and Europe. The ACG was incorporated in 1952 in New York to encourage reconciliation and understanding following the two disastrous wars in the first half of the 20th century. Among its early leaders were John J. and Ellen McCloy, General Lucius D. Clay, Christopher Emmet, Joseph Kaskell, Dr. George N. Shuster, and Eric M. Warburg. Because of their vision of transatlantic cooperation, the Council has served as a key bridge between Germany and the United States for over 50 years. One of the ACG’s flagship initiatives is the American-German Young Leaders Conference, which was launched in 1973. These meetings bring together approximately 25 Americans and 25 Germans, from age 28 to 38, from academia, business, government, media, and the military. Through its range of programs and outreach activities, the ACG anticipates emerging challenges relevant to the transatlantic relationship and encourages innovative approaches to problem solving.


In the 21st century, transatlantic cooperation on a range of global economic, political, and social issues is more important than ever. As the European Union evolves – especially after enlargement from 15 to 25 members – the ACG provides Americans with a better understanding of Europe as a whole. The ACG supports the open exchange of views and builds personal networks among leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. It strengthens transatlantic understanding and coordinates policy initiatives on key issues in the post-September 11 world.


CONCILIUS is honored to support the American Council on Germany´s annual American-German Young Leaders Conference. The program allows young executives to discuss global and German-American issues while establishing lasting personal and professional relationships.

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American and German young executives visiting the archive of the BStU

A working group at the Young Leaders Conference

State Secretary Altmaier discussing with young executives